Automated Security Questionnaire Response

Is your organization struggling with filling out generic security questionnaires? Pomerantz is here to help you optimize your regularly scheduled reviews. 

What is a Security Assessment Questionnaire?

Security assessment questionnaires are used to assess the level of security, risks within, and capabilities of an organization’s IT systems. Completing these questionnaires is essential to maintaining a high vendor risk assessment standard. 

Incorrectly filling out or avoiding filling out these vital questionnaires leads to a loss of clientele and tarnishes the reputation of an organization. An excellent security response questionnaire is needed to ensure a trustworthy, reliable, and visibly confidential relationship between your organization and your clients.

Questionnaires regularly used for security assessment may become mundane and repetitive within an organization. Employees not only waste valuable working hours and company revenue when filling out these questionnaires, but are prone to mistakes and errors.

This is where Pomerantz’s services will greatly increase the efficiency of your questionnaire processes. Pomerantz automated Security Response Questionnaire systems offer the ability to automate these tiresome tasks.

The automated system consists of a vast library of professionally phrased answers as well as suggested standard answers to better suit your organization’s individual needs. Not only is the library extensive, but there are also options for multi-lingual support. This allows for any organization to utilize the Pomerantz system, regardless of where they are in the world or what language they speak.

Pomerantz’s questionnaire system also includes same-day support, so you never have to compromise the time needed for other aspects of your organization. This support includes help from experts on a variety of topics related to the automated system itself, as well as filling in the security assessment questionnaires.

Pomerantz’s system supports any format that your organization uses. If we don’t support your format, then give it a few weeks and we’ll have it.

We understand that we don’t have all the time in the world to complete day-to-day business operations, so let Pomerantz take the weight off your shoulders.

Other systems that are similar to Pomerantz’s system have been compared as requiring notable initial setup time, additional manual entries to complete the same tasks, as well as less AI support and functionality.


Benefits of Using the Pomerantz Questionnaire System: 

  • The ability to complete questionnaires quickly and automatically
  • Reduce the time wasted on repetitive tasks
  • Never compromise sales because of time-management issues
  • Assign more important tasks to employees previously occupied with filling out questionnaires
  • Assure a more optimized security assessment questionnaire process
  • Provide more professional and comprehensive answers
  • Reduce the time wasted on security management protocols
  • Access to an abundance of security answers, leaving no employee unsure and in need of help
  • Compile all your security information in one, easy-to-access location
  • Supports and aids ISO and SOC 2 certification processes
  • Run through an AI system that allows for continuous optimization of your organization’s systems, and even its own systems


Beyond the above-listed benefits, an automated process is purely best practice when it comes to security questionnaires. Avoiding human error is a massive benefit for an organization. 


Whether an organization has the proper security protocols in place or not, it doesn’t matter if the assessments aren’t a clear indicator of what the system’s capabilities are. This only indicates an employee’s or group of employees’ opinion of the organization. 


As much as we trust our employees, when it comes to your organization being reviewed by potential clients, there isn’t such a thing as too much precaution.

Why worry about a task that could greatly improve the status of your organization? Don’t waste time; contact Pomerantz today!

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