Cloud Directory Services and MDM

Pomerantz offers a world-class cloud directory service. This will streamline your IT processes, giving you full control of your system. Cloud directory services are a modern solution for identity management and directory solutions, creating a single location for authentication and identity management.

Maintaining a directory database is essential for storing and processing information about resources and users. Not only do they offer a consolidated framework for connections, but cloud directory services are also far more secure.

Password security is easily enforced – 2FA provides a second layer of protection for SSH connections. This makes software provisioning for SaaS applications extremely diverse. 


Utilizing in-depth IT management software, our cloud directory services securely connect users and administrators. It allows easy connection to networks, servers, applications, files, and workstations. This centralized approach establishes a unified point of management and authentication.

Having complete control of your security infrastructure authorization and administration ensures all data is accessible to those who require it and limited to those who do not.

Notable features of our offering

Pomerantz’s offering of cloud-based directory services is not limited to a single platform. Bringing support to Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile applications. Integrating these platforms becomes a seamless process, operating from a centralized directory service.

Initiating custom scripts on automated systems creates a once-off implementation of workflows. Even in the case of interrupted services, the system will continue to run due to autonomous structures in place. 

If you have an existing Active Directory, these cloud-based directory services can be directly integrated, ensuring complete connection to all IT resources. Access can be provided to applications through the use of SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language), SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

This identity management platform enforces security during the authentication process by utilizing SSH key management, TOTP MFA, and WebAuthn. APIs and PowerShell allow automation of administration duties. 

How Will These Features Benefit Your Organization?

Risk reduction by implementing central automation and management

Our cloud services allow you to secure an end user’s account credentials, strengthening your security system. User account logins are tracked and can be audited with the help of the cloud directory services functionality.

This data can be integrated into your security information and event management solutions.Once integrated, it is easy to determine which users are using individual applications and their actions within these systems. 

Enable diversity of choice with group server control across platforms

Server accessibility can be easily maintained by creating access control policy groups. Each user can be granted access to servers based on their determined privileges or job role. Sudo access and multi-factor authentication will ensure tight control of accessibility and authorization.

Save valuable company time by utilizing automation and complex access control permissions

Access permissions can be created without code, improving administrator efficiency and provisioning of users. Giving your organization complete control of security allows you to streamline processes and save time. 

Improve your organization’s security compliance

Audit trails can be created with ease as a complete user history is tracked. This means auditing becomes an efficient process, allowing you to meet industry procedures and standards such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

A user-friendly dashboard brings all your applications together into a single location. User permissions can be set per application, based on employee needs. It enables you to cut onboarding times by providing access to users when it is required. This greatly simplifies the login process as one identity is used for all necessary IT resources. 

With the growing complexity of cloud infrastructure, IT administrators need a comprehensive platform to allow easy management of the infrastructure. Managing storage solutions, operating systems, web applications, remote users, and VPN networks can all be done from one place

Employing the use of our cloud directory services is the best way to ensure total management of employee identities and their associated devices and resources.

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