Information Security Awareness

Lack of employee awareness around cybersecurity can be a massive threat to an organization’s security structure. Human error is involved in 90% of cyber security attacks. 

Awareness training will reduce your chances of vulnerabilities caused by a lack of knowledge.

Cyber awareness is concerned with the level of awareness and knowledge that your users have when it comes to cyber security threats. With the constant rise of cybersecurity-related attacks, strengthening your employees’ cyber security knowledge is essential.

Pomerantz cyber awareness training will help mitigate the risks of user-related breaches. This training can boost your organization’s defense against common attacks used by cybercriminals. No matter how fortified your security system is, a single compromised password can be its weak link.

Cyber attackers have become professionals and know where vulnerabilities lie within an organization. Attacks have become targeted at lower-level users to gain an easy access point to your security infrastructure. Leaving this accessible will make all other security tools redundant. 

The attacks cybercriminals use can be very convincing and intelligent in design. Their use of social engineering techniques tricks a person psychologically, leading them to hand over personal information.

Phishing is a common attack that employs the use of a fake email or message to gain otherwise confidential information from an employee, or even install malicious software. Vishing is a similar concept that manipulates people through a phone call. 

The best option for securing your networks from human error is to make your employees an active part of your defence. Pomerantz cyber awareness training will integrate a holistic approach to build a more secure organization.

Web-based training and simulated attacks will help your employees understand the risks associated with cyber-attacks. Continuous assessment will be done through mock phishing, vishing, and smishing attacks, keeping your organization up-to-date with the latest forms of breaching software.

Simulating attacks will instill a sense of confidence when creating new passwords, filtering through suspicious emails and browsing the internet. Having this in place equips your employees with the practical skills required to keep your organization safe from ransomware attacks, network threats, and data breaches. 

Some of the features of Pomerantz cyber security awareness training include:

Engaging browser-based training

A massive library of over 1300 security awareness training content items are available, with support for localized learner experiences in select languages.

AI-assisted training

Machine learning creates training recommendations, informed by data collected from simulated attacks on your users.

Elective learning

Create your training modules with optional training content dependent on the needs of your users. This offers a personalized approach to training.

Modules for mobile training

Short training modules optimized to be used on mobile devices. This makes training accessible at all times.

Phishing, knowledge, and cultural evaluations

Industry-standard assessments allow you to benchmark yourself with other organizations. This helps you identify which users have a higher proficiency in security structures and who consistently do what is required.

The Security Awareness Proficiency Assessment (SAPA) and Security Culture Survey (SCS) enable you to compare your scores with other organizations to ensure you are within industry standards.

Cyber Security Awareness is an important aspect of your compliance standards. Your organization should have this in place if you want to achieve ISO certification. 

Security Awareness training is often overlooked, and this can be your system’s downfall. Pomerantz Awareness Training will keep your users and employees ahead of the cybercrime curve.

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