With the ever-changing world of cybercrime and security threats, having a CISO in place can help you identify risks before they become an attack, giving you the freedom to focus on your organization stress-free.

What is CISO as a Service?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) as a Service offers expert strategies for the development of your information security systems. Having access to otherwise costly resources can bring to light detrimental risks within your system, and rectify any errors within your security. 

Your security model needs to be adaptable to these changes occurring in cybersecurity. Finding skilled cybersecurity professionals can be a difficult and high-cost venture, especially with the demands and stress associated with CISO positions.

Implementing CISO as a service through Datafence enables you to focus on what you need to optimize your organization.

How Datafence’s CISO Expertise and Services Can Help Your Organization

Our team of seasoned CISO experts has a deep understanding of risk management, and a wealth of protocols to ensure the security of your organization’s systems. Keeping your infrastructure up-to-date not only prevents any unwanted data breaches, but creates a sense of trust between your organization and its clients.

With the introduction of stringent compliance laws, processing personal data can be a complex procedure. Datafence will help to protect your organization by providing solutions for cyber security, risk management, incident response, and regulatory compliance. 

Datafence can help you implement these regulations to ensure the safety of your clients’ personal data within your system. This will greatly reduce your organization’s cybersecurity stress.

Advantages of using Datafence CISO as a Service:

  • Hiring an in-house CISO can be expensive; our cost-effective services will reduce your capital expenditure
  • Constant access to security resources, as well as a system that is adaptable to market demands
  • Access to experienced professionals who have worked in a wide range of organizations dealing with CISO issues
  • Our unbiased analysis brings a proactive approach that allows for continual optimization of your organization’s systems
  • Improving current security systems and risk identification in the short term
  • Laying a long-term, solid foundation for in-house security through training and core infrastructure development
  • Industry insight into security compliance, assisting you in identifying technological opportunities and potential risks
  • Identify threats and risks before they become a problem or cause damage

Datafence CISO Services Takes on the Following Responsibilities

Our cybersecurity specialists’ main priority is ensuring your IT infrastructure is properly managed and secure. This includes governance of related enterprise risks, allowing your organization to better meet its objectives.

Our experts will:

  • Identify security gaps by conducting cybersecurity assessments and tailoring a program to your organization’s needs
  • Align the organization’s objectives with the requirements of your security infrastructure
  • Implement a strict operational procedure to ensure that your organization complies with the most recent policies
  • Continuous reviewing of your organization to ensure optimization and forwards-compatibility with security regulations

If you have compliance objectives to adhere to, limited in-house infrastructure, and a concern about your cybersecurity – your organization should consider establishing a CISO through Datafence.

Remember, the early bird catches the worm! Improve your CISO today with our expert strategies.

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