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Making sure your organization is compliant with all data privacy regulations is a constant process and cannot be done once off.

The global privacy landscape has undergone major changes and it is your obligation as an organization to keep up with these shifts. Data Protection Regulation brings up many hurdles that you will have to overcome. Without the help of Pomerantz privacy regulation consultancy, aligning with these regulations can be a very complex, costly procedure.

Data privacy is an aspect of data protection that focuses on the proper processing of personal, financial and intellectual property data. It is in your organization’s best interests to make sure it is constantly aware of the changing legislation.

Data privacy can be a complex field as it involves dynamic and changing personal information and personally identifiable information held by an organization. This creates a challenge whenever information is changed or redacted in your system, as the data you hold needs to change accordingly. 

Another challenge is keeping up with the ever-evolving and adapting privacy regulation policies. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a multitude of new laws have been introduced.

Data privacy requires a deep level of experience and understanding. To ensure each action your organization takes is legal and ethical, we implement safety, security and protection measures into all levels of data usage. With the growing complexity of data and privacy regulations, consumers have become hesitant with handing over their data.

Keeping your organization in line with the latest regulations is a definite way to guarantee no loss of digital trust in your organization. 


Our data privacy experts will establish a baseline to highlight weaknesses in how your data is processed. This understanding will allow them to conduct compliance and standard assessments, bringing light to any potential flaws.

Formulating a program around your needs will secure your data privacy system to make sure you don’t fall into any of the common legislative pitfalls. 

With the extensive list of data privacy regulations in place, it is a challenge to rely on a single Data Protection Officer. Pomerantz’s team of seasoned experts will give you access to years of experience in the security industry, at a fraction of the cost of appointing a DPO.

Responsibilities of our Privacy Regulations Consultancy team:

  • Bring awareness to the relevant data and privacy laws management and employees should adhere to
  • Develop strategies to expose gaps relating to regulatory requirements
  • Advance data privacy recognition amongst management and employees
  • Create guidelines to regulate the risks associated with data processing, to further data protection assessments
  • Maintain processing of data records, while remaining compliant with data processing regulations
  • Ensure responsible actions are taken in regard to data privacy laws


As regulation continues to tighten around data privacy laws, the number of qualified and experienced personnel is diminishing. You can rely on Pomerantz’s dedicated team of privacy regulation experts to keep your organization compliant with the latest standards while maintaining your cyber security infrastructure.

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