Datafence Cyber Security Assessments will ensure your organization is aligned to the current industry standards.

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment analyses which of your information assets (hardware, software, laptops, client data, or intellectual property) are open to attack. Datafence then identifies the various risks that could affect your organization’s assets. 

Our approach to assessing your organization relies on an evidence-based investigation of your current cybersecurity architecture. With this information, Datafence can create a risk treatment report to help you make informed decisions about your cyber security investments.

Utilizing cybersecurity best practices and the latest technological developments, Datafence provides applicable solutions, backed by years of experience and expertise in the field. 

Datafence’s Cyber Security Assessment team will:

  • Determine which assets are critical to the service delivery structure of your organization
  • Examine the pre-existing controls and mechanisms
  • Describe the annual potential loss of assets in the event that they are breached, tainted, or exposed
  • Redefine your organization’s risk structure
  • Develop a policy to determine a prioritized approach to risk management
  • Keep your cyber-risk solutions up to date for ongoing threat management

Your organization cannot have full trust in its security stance if risk assessments are not done. As every organization is different, we offer a personalized approach to ensure every aspect of your organization is secure. 

Datafence’s risk assessment specialists ensure you have the right security level for your industry and organization size. 

Conducting a risk assessment is a complex process that requires expertise, knowledge, and considerable planning. Without Datafence’s guidance, this process will be needlessly complicated and limited to trial-and-error, missing the opportunity for optimization and evolution of your organization’s cybersecurity protocols.

Risk assessments can keep your organization running optimally. Our assessment will benefit you by analyzing information-related vulnerabilities and helping you develop a structured method to resolve data security risks. 

Furthermore, we will spot potential security and data privacy compliance issues, ensuring your organization complies with industry standards. Having an effective plan in place offers a holistic approach – Datafence’s method offers an effective plan to fit your organization’s specific goals, schedule, and budget.

ISO 27001 outlines an international standard of best practice relating to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). 

This standard sets out the requirements for the risk assessment process:

  • Create and keep security risk information up to date
  • Make certain that risk assessments yield consistent and valid results
  • Within the framework of your ISMS, identify risks that could lead to a loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Analyze and monitor pre-existing security risks

Pomerantz understands the need for a full range of internal and external assessments to analyze your system. 


Our team of experts evaluates the following to acquire a full scope of vulnerabilities:

  • Testing of web applications
  • Testing for penetration
  • IT risk assessments for organizations
  • Wireless evaluations
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Physical Security Evaluations

Our cyber risk security specialists have years of in-depth knowledge and hold world-recognized cyber security certifications. These certifications include CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), and CISM (Certified Information Systems Manager).

With this backing, they will be able to save your IT department countless hours and resources.

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